Better business with Taxi driver training at Centennial College

Congratulations to Centennial College and Beck Taxi on making an effective new taxi driver training program available to Toronto drivers. This training is available to any taxi driver, from any brokerage, who wants to invest in better service and higher incomes:


Yonge-Eglinton taxi stand moved temporarily

Attention all drivers:

Please be aware that the taxi stand on the south corner of Yonge & Eglinton has been temporarily closed and the taxi stand is now on the north corner.

Metrolinx has covered the "taxi stand" signs. Please move to the north corner.

Details can be found here:

Wonderful cab driver commercial – Tangerine

Tangerine releases followup to ‘Hard Work’ brand anthem

If you have not seen this Tangerine spot, please watch it and enjoy. One of the most respectful, complimentary depictions of a cab driver we have seen in some time:

Tangerine releases followup to ‘Hard Work’ brand anthem


Construction at Billy Bishop Airport

In a meeting with Taxi industry members on September 30, Groundside Operations Manager Mike Antle explained that water main construction on Bathurst south of Queen's Quay to to Billy Bishop Airport entrance was delayed almost a month so that instead of being almost complete, it is just beginning.

He shared with us the Operations Memo below which explains where the disruptions will occur; the only thing changed is the dates, which would now begin either September 30 or shortly after.

Please take this into consideration as you make your way to Billy Bishop

To: All Airport Tenants and Stakeholders

From: Michael Antle, Manager – Airport Groundside Operations

Subject: City Water Main Installation – DATE CHANGE


The City of Toronto will begin installation of a new water main on September 11th. All work has been coordinated to be done overnight from 10pm to 6am. The work is part of an upgrade to the City water and we have been working with the City to minimize as much impact to airport operations as possible.

The work plan is anticipated to span over a two month period and will begin as follows;

 First week will see small sections in the south end of Eireann Quay closed for installation of water chambers.

 Each section will be coordinated to ensure traffic will continue to flow to and from the, ferry, the drop off area and the taxi queue.

 The following week will see work move to the finger lot and involves excavation and installation of the force main pipe.

 While the finger lot will is closed overnight vehicles destined for the ferry will need to travel down Eireann Quay for access.

 Vehicles will be staged in the access lane to the ferry next to the Stolport booth.

 In addition the sidewalk next to the finger lot will be closed. All pedestrian must use the sidewalk on the east side of Eireann Quay.

 As work progresses north there will eventually be a closure of the Bathurst St. south bound lane. This work is also overnight and signage will be in place to direct vehicles to alternate routes.

As mentioned we have been in talks with the City of Toronto to ensure we can minimize impact to our operation and ensure we continue to have access during the work. Such coordination includes;

 Request for Paid Duty Officers to be present,

 Work to be completed overnight,

 Movement of work from Eireann Quay to the finger lot to avoid a full closure of this street,

 All work areas will be covered with steel plating until the pavement has been restored.

 Continuation of water supply during work. The City has confirmed we have a dual feed and will not lose water at any time.

 Staging of materials and equipment on site to minimize set-up time each night.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the Duty Manager office, 416 203- 6942 X 17.



How to use the “Point and Click” process

The email program has been developed to allow riders and residents in Toronto provide compliments or complaints regarding taxi drivers to ONE central address.

Licensed taxicabs in Toronto are not allowed to refuse a fare because the distance is too short, the customer wants to use a credit card, or other reasons except a direct threat to personal safety or a request at the time of shift change when they are required to take the cab back to the garage (usually around 4 to 5pm).

If you have provided us with the CAB NUMBER and taxi company name of the taxi we will forward your message immediately to the appropriate brokerage, and their Customer Service representative will discuss appropriate action with the driver. The Customer Service representative may be in touch with you directly through your email address.

The cab number is located on both passenger doors and the rear bumper of the taxi and can be 1 to 5 digits, 15 centimetres high. It is also displayed on the tariff card which is hung over the passenger seat. We encourage you to snap a photo of the number and send it to us.


If you do not know the taxi company name but remember the colours of the taxi and the cab number, we may still be able to locate the car and driver.  In Toronto:

  • Orange and green cars are Beck Taxi
  • Red and yellow cars are Co-op Cabs
  • Yellow and blue checkerboard cars are Crown Taxi
  • Black and orange cars are Diamond Taxi.
  • Light blue and red cars are Maple Leaf Taxi
  • Able Atlantic, Best Choice, City, Royal, Imperial, Crown, and Bee Line cars may be a variety of colours.