How to use the “Point and Click” process

The email program has been developed to allow riders and residents in Toronto provide compliments or complaints regarding taxi drivers to ONE central address.

Licensed taxicabs in Toronto are not allowed to refuse a fare because the distance is too short, the customer wants to use a credit card, or other reasons except a direct threat to personal safety or a request at the time of shift change when they are required to take the cab back to the garage (usually around 4 to 5pm).

If you have provided us with the CAB NUMBER and taxi company name of the taxi we will forward your message immediately to the appropriate brokerage, and their Customer Service representative will discuss appropriate action with the driver. The Customer Service representative may be in touch with you directly through your email address.

The cab number is located on both passenger doors and the rear bumper of the taxi and can be 1 to 5 digits, 15 centimetres high. It is also displayed on the tariff card which is hung over the passenger seat. We encourage you to snap a photo of the number and send it to us.


If you do not know the taxi company name but remember the colours of the taxi and the cab number, we may still be able to locate the car and driver.  In Toronto:

  • Orange and green cars are Beck Taxi
  • Red and yellow cars are Co-op Cabs
  • Yellow and blue checkerboard cars are Crown Taxi
  • Black and orange cars are Diamond Taxi.
  • Light blue and red cars are Maple Leaf Taxi
  • Able Atlantic, Best Choice, City, Royal, Imperial, Crown, and Bee Line cars may be a variety of colours.