Taxi Alliance waiting for Toronto to enforce new by-laws


August 3, 2016 (Toronto) – While Toronto’s new vehicle for hire by-laws were expected to come into effect on July 15th, the city’s taxi industry has yet to see any enforcements against UberX’s illegal activities, says Rita Smith, Executive Director of the Toronto Taxi Alliance (TTA).

“We understand the City is working with a brand new set of by-laws and that it will take time to get all the regulations in place.  We understand that Licensing and Standards has a process to follow, and we are waiting and watching. However, on July 28th we were informed that Uber has not even yet been approved as a Private Transportation Company – staff are still reviewing Uber’s application,” Smith points out.

“This means that although Uber was able to pressure the City into writing new by-laws specifically for them, the Mayor’s motion was introduced on May 3rd, and new by-laws came into effect on July 15, Uber remains unregulated in Toronto."

“Now it is up to Uber to comply with Toronto’s laws. This delay is inexcusable – Uber is once again giving the 'one finger salute' to Mayor John Tory and Tracey Cook,” Smith says.