Insured? Prove it, TTA says

Media release

Insured? Prove it, says Taxi Alliance

July 7, 2016 (Toronto) – Today’s announcement that Ontario has revised regulations in order to allow ride-hailing companies to buy specialized insurance products only highlights the need for these drivers to prove they have actually purchased insurance to carry paying passengers, says Rita Smith, Executive Director of the Toronto Taxi Alliance (TTA).

“Confusion reigns. We have been hearing since June 2015 that these products will exist, they are coming, and ride-hailing drivers can purchase them. The fact is, no one – not the insurance companies, Ontario government, or Municipal Licensing and Standards will say how many drivers have purchased the new policy – if in fact, any ever have.

“This announcement simply provides more compelling proof that MLS must demand ride-hailing drivers present their certificate of insurance when they register with the City, as the May 3rd Council motion directed.”

Toronto announced that ride-hailing companies will be required to comply with new vehicle-for-hire by-laws as of July 15th.

“Taxi industry professionals are asking how this can possibly work: is MLS going to register 20,000 UberX drivers on July 15th? We predict Uber will request an extension to this deadline and that their drivers will continue to drive without insurance indefinitely. We call upon the City to honour the intent of the new by-law and insist on seeing a certificate of insurance for UberX drivers as they do for every single taxi driver on the road in Toronto,” says Smith.