Safety elements in L&S report mean it must be supported

The Toronto Taxi Alliance firmly believes that the safety of the riding public must be made the highest priority in any new regulations the City develops for the vehicle for hire industry.

The taxi industry does not believe that unlicensed, uninsured drivers in unmarked cars can be considered safe in any way at all. Toronto has spent decades strengthening and improving its taxi safety measures: this report throws all of that away in one fell swoop.

In the irrational drive to accommodate Uber, city staff have actually recommended doing away with snow tires, security cameras, driver training and even the requirement that drivers speak English. This is crazy.

The April 7th staff report cannot be considered acceptable to anyone concerned about consumer safety, much less improved service.

The Toronto Taxi Alliance supports the changes L&S Committee made to the report on April 15th and hopes City Council will respect the work done by Committee; the submissions of 100 deputants; and common sense on safety issues, by supporting this report.