Regulations are for passenger safety, not driver convenience

Ian Black's March 29 press conference claiming Uber requires "different" regulations contained the most selfish and self-serving comment we have ever heard uttered. 
The point is not really what is easy, or convenient or acceptable to UberX driver or Uber, corporately. 
Taxi regulations have been developed over decades for the purpose of ensuing passenger safety and consumer protection - it has never been about what is convenient for drivers. Regulations evolved to protect the most valuable cargo: vulnerable passengers. 
If these regulations are inconvenient for drivers who only drive 5 or 10 hours per week, they should give up driving for money and leave the work to the professionals who are prepared to endure the inconvenience for the privilege of working as a licensed taxi driver. 
After Kalamazoo, it is beyond incredible that Uber is still pushing the idea that weaker regulations which are more "convenient" for part-time drivers are a good idea. Michigan media report that Jason Walton had 7 tickets for moving violations and Uber's background check did not catch them. Tell us again why Uber deserves its own special set of regulations?