Toronto Taxi Alliance applauds industry decision not to strike on NBA weekend

February 10, 2016 (Toronto) – The Toronto Taxi Alliance (TTA) commends the taxi industry protesters who have decided not to strike on February 12th, the beginning of the NBA All-Star weekend and feels they have made a wise decision.

The TTA sympathizes with the frustrations of taxi drivers, which are real and painful. John Tory and the City of Toronto have created this problem by refusing to deal with UberX in a timely manner.

The Toronto Taxi Alliance respects and supports the Rule of Law. We do not support any activities which are in conflict with the Rule of Law. We wish Mayor Tory and Chief Saunders felt the same.

We have not exhausted our legal options, and that is why the TTA is moving forward to request an injunction against Uber. Details of this injunction request will be announced shortly.

Toronto’s taxi industry itself is stepping up to do the job City Council has chosen not to do: as tax paying, law abiding citizens the industry is going to court to ensure the Rule of Law is upheld. We wish to send a positive message to Toronto’s youth and to the business community that it is NOT ok to unfairly conduct business in Toronto by breaking the law as a business model.