Mammoliti Calls for “True Relief” from Exorbitant City Taxi Licensing Fees


Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti has sent a letter (attached) to the Budget Committee asking them to recommend that City Council suspend all Taxi Licensing Fees until a Municipal Licensing Fee Review is completed later this year.

The Executive Director of Licensing and Standards is currently reviewing Taxi Licensing Fees as part of her review of all Municipal Licensing Fees. This review is expected to be completed mid-2016 and it is anticipated that licensing fees for Taxis will be reduced dramatically.

"Licensing fees are based on a cost recovery basis and it is my opinion that the Taxi Industry has long been overcharged and overpaying", said Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti.

"The Taxi Industry is in an unfair position of having to pay exorbitant City Licensing Fees while other services that provide the exact same service get a free ride, this is totally unacceptable and puts the Legal Taxi Industry at risk", added Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti.

"While the Mayor has offered the Industry a token or "modest relief", at a time that they are facing financial devastation, I am asking that the City provide "true relief" to those paying the unfair fees until the review is completed.

The letter will be on the Budget Committee agenda tomorrow and I have been advised by the Clerks Department that I will be able to speak to the Item at Budget wrap up on January 18th.


To read Councillor Mammoliti's letter to the Budget Committee, click here:

Fee Review Mammoliti



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Executive Assistant Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti

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