TTA calls upon Toronto to apply for Injunction against UberX


Joel Barr, Majeed Shidfar, Sam Moini, Asafo Addai and Javid Wali went to Toronto Mayor John Tory's office on November 25th to deliver a letter demanding Toronto apply for an injunction to stop illegal, uninsured UberX from operating in our city.

Toronto Taxi Alliance


John Tory, Mayor

City of Toronto

100 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario                                               November 25, 2015


Dear Mayor Tory:

No doubt you are aware that the City of Calgary successfully obtained an injunction prohibiting the illegal operation of UberX in that city.

Today, the members of the Toronto Taxi Alliance call upon the City of Toronto to do the same: apply for an injunction in the Superior Court prohibiting Uber from carrying on its illegal operation in our city.

There is a strong and compelling public interest why the City must seek this remedy to protect residents from an illegal, unlicensed and uninsured operation.

With winter upon us, and worsening driving conditions, these untrained UberX drivers will be operating cars that are not regularly inspected and may not have safety features such as winter tires (as all taxis are required to have).  There is increased risk for an accident to take place when weather conditions deteriorate.

Additionally, allowing upwards of 20,000 uninsured UberX drivers on our roads is a potentially dangerous ingredient that adds more congestion on our roads while putting the traveling public at risk.

Further, Uber’s continual refusal to suspend its UberX program constitutes a flagrant and blatant disregard for the law and places Torontonians at risk.

When the City applied for such an injunction one year ago, the Court held that definition of “taxicab broker” in the Municipal Code did not clearly capture Uber’s activity. However, On October 2, 2015 the Code was amended to remedy that deficiency. Yet despite a request by the City to cease its illegal operations Uber has refused to do so.

Therefore it is imperative that City staff re-applies for an injunction against UberX and its illegal operations immediately.

Mayor Tory, Toronto has seen and applauded the results of the exercise of political will demonstrated when you announced that you were working with Toronto Police Services to crackdown on parking infractions in our city.

We believe that if the same political will is applied to stopping illegal and uninsured UberX drivers, this activity can be stopped. Calgary has proved that this is possible. Calgary is putting the safety of its citizens first; Toronto must do the same.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,


Gail Souter, President

Toronto Taxi Alliance







Sam Moini delivers the Toronto Taxi Alliance's letter to Mayor John Tory's office.