UberX drivers have insurance policies cancelled


November 1, 2015 (Toronto) – The Toronto Taxi Alliance (TTA) supports Aviva Insurance in its move to clarify the difference between personal and commercial insurance coverage as it cancels the policies of UberX drivers.

“The past several months have been a very confusing time for drivers and insurance consumers,” says Sam Moini, spokesperson for the TTA.

“While Toronto taxi and limo drivers are very clear on the fact that they must carry an OPCF 6A Endorsement on their insurance policy in order to carrying paying passengers, Uber and the media have repeatedly made statements that led UberX drivers to believe this endorsement and extra expense is not necessary. It IS necessary, as several UberX drivers who have had their policies cancelled by their insurer are learning the hard way.”

When an UberX driver’s insurance policy is cancelled, Moini points out, that driver is not only not allowed to drive for Uber; that driver is no longer insured to drive their own personal vehicle.

“This is an unfortunate situation which could be fixed if everyone transporting fares for money had an OPCF 6A endorsement on their policy,” Moini says. “However, a policy with this endorsement costs between $4,000 and $10,000 and part-time drivers do not want to pay this amount, so they do not inform their insurance agents they are driving for money. The end result, as we are seeing, is bad news for UberX drivers. In the province of Ontario, if you plan to transport fares for money, you must have commercial insurance. There are no exceptions for part-timers.”