99 Uber drivers charged – TTA statement

August 12, 2015

TTA Statement

Taxi Alliance commends Council on decision to enforce the law

And regulate Uber

August 12, 2015 (Toronto) – Toronto City Council’s unanimous vote on July 8th to review the existing regulatory by-laws and to recommend changes which will ensure that the taxi industry and Uber are on a level playing field is a step in the right direction, says Sam Moini, spokesperson for the Toronto Taxi Alliance.

"We are very pleased that City Council overwhelmingly recognized that public safety is paramount, and they were clear in their intent to enforce Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act and city by-laws to protect the riding public from uninsured and illegal taxis and limos.

“Now, we are pleased to see evidence of the fact that through the efforts of the City by-law office these laws are being enforced. We believe the Toronto Police Services should also be enforcing Section 39 (1) of the Highway Traffic Act.”

Moini also pointed out that members of the insurance industry, including Pete Karageorgos of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, conducted a technical briefing on July 28th to ensure that all Toronto City Councillors are fully aware of the fact that Uber drivers are not covered by their personal insurance policies in Ontario.


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