CDN$400M Class Action Commenced Against Uber


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TTA Statement on Class Action suit against Uber

July 23, 2015 (Toronto) – The Toronto Taxi Alliance commends Dominik Konjevic and Sutts, Strosberg LLP on the filing of a class action lawsuit against Uber in the City of Toronto.

“Uber’s activities, which remain outside the law according to Section 545 of the City’s by-laws with regard to transporting passengers for compensation as well as Section 39(1) of the Highway Transportation Act, are causing many professional drivers in Toronto to lose significant portions of their income,” says Sam Moini, spokesperson for the Toronto Taxi Alliance.

“We wish Mr. Konjevic and Mr. Strosberg every success in this important legal initiative.”


Taxi Alliance looks forward to reports on enforcement results


July 9, 2015 (Toronto) – Toronto City Council’s unanimous vote to review the existing regulatory by-laws and to recommend changes which will ensure that the taxi industry and Uber are on a level playing field is a step in the right direction, says Sam Moini, spokesperson for the Toronto Taxi Alliance.

"We are very pleased that City Council has overwhelmingly recognized public safety is paramount, and they were clear in their intent to enforce Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act and city by-laws to protect the riding public from uninsured and illegal taxis and limos.

“Now, we hope to see evidence of the fact that through the combined efforts of the City and Toronto Police Services, that these laws are being enforced. We would like to see Licensing and Standards issue a weekly report on incidents and charges laid.”


Uber court decision does not change insurance requirements

Taxi Alliance calls upon City to enforce the Highway Traffic Act

TORONTO, July 4, 2015 /CNW/ - Justice Dunphy's July 3rd decision that UberX is not a taxi brokerage does nothing to change the insurance requirements of a vehicle carrying paying passengers, the Toronto Taxi Alliance points out.

"Ontario's auto insurance regulations make no distinction as to how a driver is dispatched, or how he receives a request for a ride whether it be by street hail, telephone or smartphone app. Ontario's auto insurance coverage asks 'Are you carrying paying passengers?' and if the answer is 'yes,' you need commercial insurance," points out TTA spokesperson Sam Moini.

"On July 2nd, the taxi industry called upon Mayor Tory and Chief Saunders to enforce the Highway Traffic Act with regard to insurance requirements. Today, we call upon them again to simply enforce the existing law.

"Justice Dunphy has decided UberX cars are not taxis. Now, Toronto has thousands of uninsured cars picking up paying passengers and decimating its existing base of regulated, insured taxis. Toronto has a lot of work to get done to correct this situation, work that should have started when Uber arrived 3 years ago."

SOURCE Toronto Taxi Alliance

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Taxi industry to City, police: enforce the law


Media Release

 Enforce the Law: Taxi Industry to City, Police

July 2nd, 2015 (Toronto) – Members of Toronto’s taxi industry visited City Hall today to call upon officials to enforce the law regarding Uber, including UberX.

“We are tax-paying, law-abiding business owners and citizens,” points out Gail Souter, president of the Toronto Taxi Alliance.

“We are not asking for any new laws or regulations. We are simply asking officials to enforce the laws which already exist on the books. City by-law officers are not enforcing the by-laws; Toronto police are not enforcing the Highway Traffic Act. This week in France, the government took action to ensure its laws are obeyed by everyone. Why is Toronto not doing this?”

“As taxpayers, we do not think it is too much to ask that all levels of government enforce the laws which already exist, and by which the taxi industry abides. Today, we are calling upon the City, the police and the Province to do one thing: enforce the law.”

Taxi industry members have example after example of laws not being enforced, which gives Uber, including UberX, a distinct competitive advantage over licensed taxis.

“Last week, while one of our drivers was being ticketed by a by-law officer because his tariff card was hung over the wrong seat, an UberX driver pulled in ahead of him, picked up a fare and took off. The by-law officer did nothing. What is going on in Toronto?” Souter asks.

There have been media reports, particularly by CityTV, that police have been directed not to enforce the Highway Traffic Act with regard to UberX, and this has been confirmed to several taxi industry members by their police officer contacts, who have asked not to be named for fear of retribution.

“Enforce the law!” says Sajid Moghul, head of iTaxi Workers. “Our members obey the law or face tickets, citations, and unemployment. How can Toronto pick and choose the laws it wishes to enforce, and enforce them only in one part of the industry while ignoring others? This is unfair, unethical, anti-democratic and incredibly damaging to Toronto’s taxi industry. John Tory and Mark Saunders we call upon you to enforce the law.”

If Toronto and Ontario want to re-write the laws regarding carrying paying passengers, they should do so in order that everyone can be clear on what is legal and what is not, Moghul points out. “In the meantime, enforce the law.”