Private auto insurance for Uber cars? Toronto insurance firm says NO

The text below is a letter received by Toronto taxi owners who inquired as to whether their personal automobile would be covered by their insurance policy if it were operated as an UberX vehicle:

Mainway Hunter Creighton Insurance Inc.
101 Queen Street South, Mississauga ON
L5M 1K7
To: Joel and Judi Barr
January 28 2015
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Barr:
Re: your automotive insurance policy

Further to our conversation, please be advised that the above mentioned auto policy is a private passenger auto policy and will not cover passengers carried for compensation. I must be clear, that if you are using your automobile to carry passengers for compensation, this policy will not respond.

An Insurer may grant permission to carry passengers for compensation, however, permission will vary on a case by case basis and would need to be approved by the individual insurance company. If such permission is granted, than additional endorsements will need to be applied to the policy.

Additionally, a change in policy from a private passenger auto to a commercial auto policy may be required. Thank you for this opportunity to be of service. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Kindest regards,

Christa Cromwell, R.I.B. (ONT)
Personal Lines Account Manager