TTA Thanks John Fraser For Anti-Uber Bill


Toronto Taxi Alliance
#1 Credit Union Drive
Toronto, Ontario M4A 2S6
Honourable John Fraser
Dear Mr. Fraser,
 The Toronto Taxi Alliance (TTA) wishes to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your December 3 Bill, the Protecting Passenger Safety Act, to limit bandit taxicab companies such as Uber.
 The Toronto Taxi Alliance represents the vast majority of owners, drivers, fleets, agents, Ambassador permit holders and brokerages in Toronto. The member brokerages of the TTA represent more than 4000 of the 4800 taxis on the road, with over 600 Ambassador drivers.
We believe you have proposed meaningful measures to protect the safety and security of Ontario taxi passengers. We thank you for bringing this Bill forward, and we encourage Members of Provincial Parliament from all parties to support it.
Passenger safety is not a partisan issue: Liberals, Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats alike can, and we hope will, support this Bill.
Municipalities, including the City of Ottawa , have identified serious public safety concerns stemming from illegal taxicabs. Investigations into illegal cabs/taxis in the City of Ottawa, for example, uncovered: unlicensed drivers, drivers with criminal records, drivers operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol, drivers operating without car insurance and drivers misleading vulnerable passengers with regard to fares.
The Toronto Taxi Alliance supports your position that legislation which is about protecting passenger safety, is paramount. For decades, our members have been among the most entrepreneurial and technologically supportive business people in Ontario . We welcome innovation and fair competition. We believe all industry members should be subject to the same, equally rigorous regulation for the safety and protection of the taxi riding public.
We do not believe, however, that vulnerable members of the riding public should be led astray, riding in cars they believe are insured when they are not; riding with drivers who are not trained or security screened; and subjected to surge pricing, which squeezes riders for ever-increasing amounts of money as demand rises. Toronto rejected all of these concepts decades ago.
We agree with you, Mr. Fraser, that there is no need to revisit the wild wild West of paid transportation.We will be very happy to assist you and your staff in sourcing any statistics or information which you might find helpful in the weeks ahead as this Bill is considered.
We strongly encourage Ontario’s Liberal government to adopt your Private Member’s Bill as a government Bill, and encourage all parties of the Ontario Legislature concerned with the safety and security of the taxi riding public to give full support to the Protecting Passenger Safety Act.
Very sincerely yours,
Gail Souter, President
Toronto Taxi Alliance
416 751 7423 ext 2229
Cc Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario
cc Steve Del Duca, Minister of Transportation
cc Jim Wilson, Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party
cc Andrea Horwath, Leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party