TTA Battle On Your Behalf Enters Crucial Phase – Please Contribute Now!!!

Nov. 6 2014

Dear Toronto taxi industry member,


The Toronto Taxi Alliance (TTA) is very pleased to write you today to let you know that our extensive pre-election political activities have achieved significant results. These volunteer activities, to help get selected incumbents/candidates elected, included attending fundraisers, canvassing, literature delivery, and phoning by dozens of active TTA members, and we thank all of these generous and hard-working people for giving their time.

While nothing is predictable in politics, we can report that several of the incumbent Councillors who care about our unfair situation under the new reform have been returned to office, and that a number of the new council candidates who support TTA’s position won their races.


This means that when Toronto’s new Council begins work in November for the 2015 term, the TTA may be successful in securing the support and the votes of enough Councillors to be able to save the Standard Plate. After winning our injunction at Ontario Court in June, and achieving success through our election activities, we are optimistic that we have the momentum required to be successful in the next phase of our work.

This phase includes our court hearing on November 17-19th, at which a judge will decide whether or not the City of Toronto’s actions in reforming the taxi industry were legal. We hope to win in court; but as our membership was told by several speakers at the August 19th public meeting: We have to realize the solution to this situation must be a political solution. Even if the judge rules Toronto broke its own procedural rules in bringing in these reforms, there is nothing to stop Council from re-introducing the motion, and doing it properly this time. Therefore, a legal solution is a temporary solution; the real solution must be through communications with Councillors, which will require an extensive government relations/communications campaign over the coming months.


On September 11, 2014 Uber launched a new version of its business called UberX.  UberX is trying to kill off all members of the taxi industry by facilitating non-licensed drivers in non-licensed cars to operate as taxis in Toronto.  Drivers, brokerages, plate owners, fleet operators and members of the riding public need to band together to stop this threat to the Toronto’s taxi industry. The TTA is planning a major defense of your right to earn a living.  NOW more than ever, we need every Standard Taxicab owner and ambassador cab owner in Toronto to make their contribution of $1000 per plate immediately.



NOW more than ever, we need every Standard Taxicab owner in Toronto to make their contribution of $1000 per plate immediately.

The TTA continues to fund both the expensive Legal and the Government Relations battles on behalf of the industry – on behalf of YOU. To those who have already paid, we thank you for your faith in us and your support. You have enabled TTA to mount this fight. To those who have not contributed, we are asking you now to forward your contribution of $1000 per plate to the TTA as we enter into this crucially important phase. We can’t stop now and everyone needs to be part of the solution!


Please send your cheque today to the Toronto Taxi Alliance:

1 Credit Union Drive

Toronto, ON

M4A 2S6

Or visit our website at to pay online and check for news updates.