Updates From August 19th TTA Industry Meeting

The August 19th Toronto Taxi Alliance (TTA) meeting was well attended by industry members looking for an update on the TTA “Motion to Quash” hearing which is scheduled for November 17-19th 2014.

About 400 members attended the event, held at the Montecassino Banquet Hall.

Maureen Taylor, one of the Taxi Widows representing hundreds of widows impacted by Toronto’s decision to move to one Toronto Taxi License, was a guest speaker on the program, which received coverage on Global-TV.

TTA legal counsel Harvey Spiegel, Q.C., provided two important updates on the litigation and governance matters.

On the TTA’s lawsuit against the City, Mr. Spiegel told the group that the TTA is pleased to have obtained an injunction on June 25th. He expressed   confidence in the position being advance by the TTA on the Application to Quash.  However he cautioned that it is impossible to predict the outcome of any legal case and that ultimate victory will have to be achieved in the political arena.

“The solution to this issue must be a political solution,” Mr. Spiegel reminded attendees. “Even if we win in November, there is nothing to stop the new Council from re-introducing these by-laws, using correct procedure this time. It is most important that the new Council understand the implications of these by-laws, and be convinced they are not in Toronto’s best interests. It is important for everyone here to be involved in the political process during this election year.”

On the Governance file, Mr. Spiegel reported that the Toronto Taxi Alliance has updated its own by-laws and filed all required documentation to conduct business as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the Province of Ontario.

TTA president and chief spokesman Jim Bell of Diamond Taxi took the occasion to announce his resignation, as he is leaving Toronto to move to Victoria, British Columbia, to be closer to family members.

“I fully support the TTA and the work it is doing, and will be available to offer help and advice in any capacity desired,” Bell noted. He received an enthusiastic round of applause in thanks from the audience.

Bell also reminded attendees that there is room for more volunteers on various TTA committees and encouraged interested people to fill in and submit application forms which were provided at the meeting.