TTA June Update

Toronto Taxi Alliance

Executive members of the Toronto Taxi Alliance have been very active since the April 23rd public meeting at the Montecassino Banquet Hall.

Subcommittees have been struck covering the following work areas:

  • Legal
  • Government Relations
  • Internal Communications and Contributions
  • External Communications/Public Relations
  • Finance
  • Governance

All of the subcommittees have met and are at work on specific projects in order to advance the TTA’s main objective, which is to protect the rights of the Standard Taxicab Licence holders in Toronto. All subcommittees report at the bi-weekly Executive meeting of the TTA.


The Legal subcommittee has been very active. On April 22, 2014 we filed an Application  in  the Ontario Superior Court to Quash that the resolutions passed by  Toronto City Council on February 19th 2014 dealing with the creation an implementation of the   Toronto Taxi Licence (TTL).

The text of the bylaw amendments have not yet come before Council for adoption. The City has stated that this will take place at the Council meeting on June 10-11. Our Legal team is now at work on actions to be taken in the event that the by-law is adopted by Council before the Application to Quash can be heard.

Government Relations

In April, the TTA issued a request for proposals (RFP) to government relations firms interested in providing advice and services to the Toronto Taxi Alliance. Four firms submitted proposals.

After evaluation and discussion, the TTA voted to hire the Sussex Strategy Group and Rob Davis and Associates to provide advice and guidance to the TTA in the area of government relations in  this important election year.

Internal Communications and Contributions

The Toronto Taxi Alliance website is being updated regularly and will soon offer instant online payment through PayPal.

The TTA has requested that every Plate owner contribute $1000 per plate to fund our legal and communications campaign.

External Communications/Public Relations

During spring of 2014, public relations and media activities were minimized as the TTA did not wish to jeopardize legal and government relations activities. This is expected to change in the weeks ahead.


An audited Financial Statement is being prepared for presentation at the next Annual General Meeting of the Toronto Taxi Alliance, which is being planned for summer 2014.


The Toronto Taxi Alliance Inc. is a corporation without share capital pursuant to the laws of the Province of Ontario. The Governance committee is reviewing its  legal and corporate structure and will be making recommendations to the Board respecting the adoption of an updated governance model.

The updated governance model as  adopted  by the Board  will be placed before the membership for confirmation at the Annual General Meeting, which will include elections of Board members.